Post Adoption Support Services

Building Hope for Adoptive Families

Center for Child and Family Health


About Us

Adoptive families have embarked upon a journey that will present unique joys and challenges.  Post Adoption Support Services at the Center for Child and Family Health provides services to adoptive families in 20 counties in the state of North Carolina (see map below).  We can help with a wide range of issues including:

·  Responding to the ups and downs of post adoption life

·  Talking with your child about being adopted

·  Understanding what is typical for different ages and growth stages

·  Dealing with challenging behaviors

·  Understanding how trauma or exposure to substances prior to birth can affect  emotions and behaviors

·  Helping you get quality services in the community (schools, mental health, juvenile justice, child welfare)

·  Building positive connections to culture and family


 You are NOT alone in this journey. We are here to help!


Who We Serve

We provide services for families who have adopted children from foster care, private agencies (domestic and international), and from family or friends who are living in the following counties: